Shuffling arrays in PHP

Recently, while working on a portfolio searching system I faced one problem with displaying results. It turned out that portfolios of same users appear close to one another. This was not good as I wanted to show variety of different users portfolios on a search result page. Therefore I needed to shuffle them somehow. Generally, in PHP there are three ways to shuffle arrays:

  • Random array shuffle
  • Non random index shuffle – array indices are always re-organized in the same way
  • Non random value shuffle – shuffle result depending on array values

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Onigiri – WebStorage library for JavaScript

Some time ago I had to create a system which was able to save data on a client’s browser. Of course, the most simplest solution which came to my mind was cookies. But I needed a solution in which my data will be accessible for application opened in multiple tabs. I needed a better solution. Soon, I found specification of LocalStorage and IndexedDB, which is a part of HTML5 WebStorage specification. This amazing technology enables you to save data directly on the client’s browser and makes them accessible at any time from any place.

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